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          • DSV is the 5th transport and logistics proveder worldwide. It is present in 90 countries on 6 continents and it offers solutions for supply chain of thousands of companies. All this makes it possible more than 60.000 people daily.
        • context

        • DSV actively seeks a profitable balanced growth between a strong organic growth above the market and a procurement activated policy by its market ambitions.

          At DSV they encourage to motivate and increase the skills of their loyal and talented employees in line with changing business conditions.

          How could we transmit to all our employees the most relevant information of the company so that they are aware of the direction and milestones reached? It would be great to be able to wake up and increase our team's interest in the company and have the most relevant DSV news first hand.
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        • what have we done?

        • We evaluate the objectives that the DSV project required. After this, we developed the needs that they had accompained by the Marketing and Communication department of the company.

          We looked for what technologies were necessary to successfully achieve the objectives initially set. Our team experience was decisive to detect possible barriers that we could find, both: we and the client, to successfully implement the proposed solution.

          We designed and developed a content management system that allowed DSV to increase the number of employees who consulted the informatin. Our client began to apply corporate marketing in his company in a cloud, private and 100% mobile environment.
        • results

        • +15% job satisfaction thanks to coporate marketing 
          +160% increase in news inquires
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