• Leading digital innovation in coworking spaces
          • Flyspaces is the AirBnB of office spaces. Currently it is the undisputed leader of its sector throughout Southeast Asia and has more than 70 coworking spaces in Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hon Kong and Macau.

            Companies like Google, Uber, Unilever have found the perfect partner in this young startup that has shown an exponential growth in just 4 years. Flyspaces was founded in 2015 and has obtain till today 2.6 Million dollars of investment and continues to expand throughout Asia.
        • context

        • Having an idea is just the first step of a long road. Then it is necessary to shape it, develop a business plan, validate it and, with a lot of work and a little luck, to make it grow. Start something is easy, being successful is difficult.

          You have to define a very clear objective, for instance being the number 1 of your sector in Asia. How to start when you only have an idea? How could we achieve the goal? How can you innovate in your sector?
        • FlySpaces
        • FlySpaces
        • ¿What have we done ?

        • We helped to create the Flyspaces startup side by side with its founder. Accompanying him from the fisrt idea to the maturity of the project and beyond.

          We difined the strategic plan which allows to achive the business objectives, revolutionizing the traditional model. We started by shape the project, defining a name, creating the brand image, logotype and corporate image.

          We conceptualize and define new business ways, developing through agile methodologies to launch Beta versions and apply improvements continuously.

          We depelop creative ideas that led to digital innovation in the coworking space sector. We design and develop form the mobile App to the Web App, the Passbook system...

          We test the usability of products in their definition phase and in the launch phase and in this way be able to perform iterations to guarantee the optimal desing and optimize the product through data analysis.
        • results

        • +100% of the objectives. Be the No. 1 in Asia.
          +80% closing compared to the competition.
          2,6 million investment.
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